Submission Deadline Extended: Now July 15, 2020 AoE

ISWC 2020, the International Symposium on Wearable Computers, is the premier event for wearable computing and technology, and issues related to on-body and worn mobile technologies. ISWC brings together researchers, product vendors, fashion designers, textile manufacturers, users, and related professionals to share information and advances in wearable computing. ISWC 2020 will be held virtually from September 12-17 and is collocated with the ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing. The selected entries will be displayed virtually by video and paper online and will be published in the ISWC adjunct proceedings archived by ACM.

Juried Exhibition

ISWC 2020’s Juried Exhibition invites submissions of original works on everything related to computing on the body, such as on-body sensing and sensor networks; wearables for professional use, mobile healthcare, or entertainment; wearability and interaction; and “on-the-go” uses of mobile devices and systems.


Confused about which category to pick? Many designs address both functional and aesthetic aspects of a problem. Designers should consider in which aspect their design is strongest, and submit it to that category.


Submissions to this category should be functionally-focused wearable designs, aimed at using technology to solve a particular problem or meet a specific need.


Submissions to this category should be aesthetically-focused wearable designs, aimed at developing an aesthetic or visual effect through the use of technology.


Submissions to this category should be non-wearable, but textile- or fiber-integrated innovations. Fiber arts submissions may be functionally or aesthetically focused.


Awards for the best design will be given in three categories: Aesthetic, and Functional and Fiber Art.

What To Submit

An extended abstract (including all figures and references) explaining your proposed design exhibit. Please use the template detailed in the template information. Each extended abstract can be up to 6 pages (including all figures and references).

The review process will be single blind. Submissions must NOT be anonymized! Please make sure that your submitted abstract complies with all the formatting guidelines and is ready for publication if it is accepted; there will be no time to make major revisions.

  • An illustrated design statement detailing the work’s concept, motivation, intended audience and end-use, technological functionality, and execution. Detailed images must illustrate the text.
  • High-resolution images/ illustration, titles and captions (for the signage) that will convey the design’s functionality clearly.
  • A short video showing how the design should work through video links or other means of attachment. This video will should be produced to a level of design that best shows your work as this will be the main way visitors to the virtual exhibition will experience your work. Please submit the video as anonymized as possible. Standardized title and author slides will be added to each video prior to publication for exhibition uniformity.
  • Consent for publicity use of submitted photos / videos / other information about the designs to be shared with the press and publish on promotional materials like websites and banners.

Evaluation Criteria


How novel is the concept or application? Has it been done before? Is the approach novel? The work should exhibit depth of understanding and insight.


How innovative is the use of technology: have advances been made in the use of standard tools for a new purpose? Have new technologies been developed? What does the technology bring to the wearer or the viewer in the wearable environment?


How professional and polished is the finished product? Have appropriate or novel construction techniques been implemented? How have standard hardware components been adapted for the wearable environment?


How well have the concept, novelty, and use of technology been communicated? Is the idea and process evident in written and visual materials?


How appropriate is the design for the intended audience/purpose? (Aesthetic and Fiber Art.) How well have the designers addressed the usability of their interface/interaction? (Functional and Fiber Art.)


All submissions will be evaluated by the jury panel for their following design elements, as outlined above: concept, use of technology, execution, and visual/written communication. Aesthetically-focused designs will also be evaluated with respect to their aesthetic novelty and appropriateness for the intended purpose, and functionally-focused designs will also be evaluated with respect to the usability of the technology for the specified audience.

Design statements from all accepted designs will be included in the ISWC Adjunct Proceedings. Design awards will be presented at the conference for the Aesthetic, Functional, and Fiber Arts categories.

If you have any further inquiries, please contact


Submission deadline:
July 06, 2020

Notification date:
July 24, 2020

Camera-ready deadline:
July 31, 2020

Virtual Conference:
September 12-17, 2020


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